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10-hour package implementation


Add the appropriate number of hours after determining the need with a consultant or after an estimate based on our materials. You can always buy more or cancel your purchase within 30 days.



We want to learn more about your specific situation and business.



Based on this, we tailor a plan for trips to trade fairs and conferences that exactly fits your company’s needs.


Steps to take

We develop attendance assumptions, the sequence of activities, the concept of stands and the form of presence at events.



Our designers create the equipment elements and exhibition buildings.



Before the event, we organize and execute transportation by sea, land or air.



Once on site, a team of experienced installers takes care of assembling all the stand elementsand arranging the stand.



During the fair, we deal with customers comprehensively: we provide a team, technical support. We represent clients through the activities of our skilled marketers, salespeople and… eye-catching hostesses.


Results of activities

We will relieve your company of any small non-core activities, so that you finally have enough time for your business.